Improving Water Supply to Imprisoned Children and the Communities

Lack of sufficient running water has plagued Katombora Reformatory School for several years often being responsible for the outbreak of water borne diseases and inhibiting efforts at better hygiene. The number of incarcerated children far outweighs available supply as the facility now houses more inmates than was originally planned for when it was first built. This water situation has been a source of concern to UP Zambia and other stakeholders for years as children’s health and well being hang in the balance.

To improve the situation UP Zambia signed an agreement with the Japanese Embassy in Lusaka under the Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects for the rehabilitation of water supply system in Katombora, Kazungula District of This project when completed will improve water supply and benefit children in incarceration at the Reformatory School and the surrounding communities.

Southern Province.

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