Our Work

Defending Zambia’s Children

Who we are

We’re a charitable human rights organisation supporting vulnerable children in conflict with the law with free legal representation, social services and advocacy for a restorative justice system.

The vast majority of children in conflict with the law in Zambia cannot afford a lawyer, and legal aid resources are very limited. This often forces children to defend themselves alone in court, lacking even a basic understanding of their rights and legal procedure. This can result in overly severe charges, one-sided trials, and weak convictions. On top of this, conditions in Zambian prisons are extremely challenging, with children often facing risk of violence, exploitation, and abuse.

We have been immersed within prisons, police stations, and reformatory schools in Zambia for over a decade and gained first hand knowledge of the tough conditions and problems children face when arrested.  Our team of qualified and experienced experts including lawyers, psychologists, and social workers have devised highly effective interventions spanning legal aid, social support, and advocacy to provide children the support and services they need and are entitled to whilst detained.

What we do

We provide legal representation to vulnerable children. Our work doesn’t stop here. We believe in a restorative justice system and our experience has shown that the needs of children in conflict with the law go beyond that of legal aid. The majority of children also require essential social services and we provide those services where we can and link to partner organisations when necessary. In order to bring long term change to the legal and prison system in favour of children in line with their fundamental human rights, we advocate for enhanced policies, conditions, and legal frameworks. 

Our services stretch across Lusaka, Central, Southern, and Copperbelt Provinces, focussing on children from low income households in high density peri-urban areas in Zambia.

Building A Restorative Justice System

Legal Services
From police stations to prisons to court, UP Zambia provides free legal support to children in their cases from beginning to end


Active casework provides the foundation for advocacy with key stakeholders, identifying problems, providing solutions, and promoting the rights of children
Social Support
UP Zambia assesses children’s needs, providing counselling, family support groups, mentorship, and education as the reintegrate into their communities

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