Systemic delay poses the greatest challenge to juveniles in the justice system.  Zambian law recognizes juveniles as a vulnerable group, and rightly seeks to protect them with extra procedures and oversight when they come in conflict with the law.  However, while these procedures are designed to protect juveniles, they can ultimately result in confusion and delays—sometimes measured in years, not weeks or months. 


Legal intervention is needed to protect juveniles’ rights in court. Advocacy is needed to promote law and policy reforms to change how this vulnerable group experiences justice. We are committed to partnership with stakeholders in the prison system, the judiciary and civil society to make this a reality.  

UNDIKUMBUKIRE PROJECT ZAMBIA’S Mission Is To Support Juveniles In Conflict With The Law In Zambia Through Legal Representation, Social Support, And Advocacy For A Restorative Justice System. TO ACHIEVE THIS, OUR WORK CENTERS ON FOUR AREAS: