Rise Again Project

UP Zambia is currently putting structures in place to carry out an exciting project funded by the European Union.  The project, named “Rise Again”, focuses on rehabilitation of juveniles in conflict with the law, and will be carried out in partnership with Build It International.  Built It provides vocational training courses with recognised qualifications in construction, and allocates work placements for trainees. 

The partnership between UP Zambia and Build It International on the Rise Again Project will see a range of services provided to juveniles in Lusaka Correctional Facilities and at Katombora Reformatory School.  The services all contribute to aspects aiming to promote the successful reintegration of juveniles back into society. 

Build It will provide vocational training and subsequent work placements for juveniles in order to give them opportunities to earn an income and become self-sufficient after release from custody.  Simultaneously, juveniles in custody will have access to a professional counsellor and will include individual and group counselling services in preparation for their release. 

There is also an education programme under this project, in which education supplies will be provided for educational needs in the facilities, and juveniles will be assisted with guidance and coordination regarding their education desires after release. 

Another component of this project is the area of life skills: juveniles will have access to life skills courses, and will be assisted with guidance and direction to ensure that each juvenile understands what options are available after release in order to use their time constructively to build their futures. 

There will be a project social worker that will engage with the families of the juveniles to determine the best care plan for each juvenile, and provide coordination across all services of the project under social support.

The Rise Again Project aims to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services by combining vocational training with social and educational support. The various programmes will strive to bridge the gaps that prevent juveniles from successfully reintegrating into society, and provide the support that they need for a bright future.

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Undikumbukire Project Zambia and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union