Rise Again Project Officially Launched

UP Zambia and Build It International officially launch Rise Again Project. This was done at an event held on the 17th of September, at Lusaka Central Correctional facility. Funded by the European Union, the Rise Again Project is in response to the current recidivism problem faced in Zambian juvenile justice system.

Rise Again aims to equip Zambian juveniles in conflict with the law with the skills and support they need to successfully re-enter their communities upon their release.

Speaking at the launch UP Zambia executive director Sara Larios said, ” While we have already been working throughout this year to lay the foundation for three years of work together, we felt like we should still come to launch the project officially and let the other stakeholders that are key to having a successful project know about our project and look for ways we can work together. ”  

Rise Again builds on the legal work already being carried out by UP Zambia in correctional facilities through the Programme for Legal Empowerment and Enhanced Justice Delivery (PLEED) which is funded by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Rise Again provides juveniles with vocational training, educational support, life skills, counselling and wellness intervention. Also speaking at the launch was Build It International Country Director, Sughra Hussain, ” Our role in this project is to take the training approach that we have developed over the last 13 years and deliver it within Katombora where will be training juveniles in rough carpentry and bricklaying,” she further said, ” we don’t think that technical training alone is what helps the young people  we train to succeed in the workplace so we have got a life skills project that is being utilized as part of this project and it is being extended both within Katombora and across the Lusaka facility and Kamwala prison. “

Rise Again is one of four projects funded by the European Union through their civil society funding stream to support the reintegration of inmates in Zambia. European Union, Rise Again, Project manager, Patricia Kapolyo commended Zambia on its efforts in the protection of the rights of inmates. She also emphasized the European Union’s commitment to such projects, she said: “We view all human rights as universal, indivisible and inter-dependent and will continue to reaffirm our commitment to protect and promote the universality of human rights where they are violated or questioned inside and outside our borders.”

Through the project, UP Zambia and Build It International hope to reach 1560 juveniles between 15th January 2019 and 15th January 2022..

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Undikumbukire Project Zambia and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union