UP works with the Zambia Correctional Service, the Judiciary, the Legal Aid Board, and other public and private stakeholders, all of whom share the same goal: a justice system that better protects vulnerable juveniles.  


Incarcerated juveniles need more than a lawyer, they need hope for the future. UP seeks to provide juveniles with visitation, engagement, and meet their physical needs while they are in prison. In addition to social support during incarceration, UP recognizes the need for ongoing engagement with the juveniles upon release. Our desire is to develop partnerships with various organisations to offer rehabilitative counseling, mentorship, skills training, activities, and sponsorship.



For those in Lusaka and the broader Zambian community, we welcome new volunteers. We are particularly interested in any lawyers seeking to make a difference by taking up a juvenile criminal case on a pro bono basis, with support from UP.

We also welcome volunteers who would like to visit with or mentor juveniles in the prisons in Lusaka and Kabwe or help with administration and youth activities at our Lusaka office.

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