Lawyers make the difference

We believe that lawyers make the difference when children come into conflict with the law because legal intervention is needed to protect their rights in court. When children are not well represented to ensure that legal procedures are followed during bail proceedings, at trial and confirmation their rights may be violated affecting their ability to start on a solid path to a restored future. 

However, the vast majority of children in conflict with the law in Zambia cannot afford a lawyer, and legal aid resources are very limited.  Thus, children are often forced to defend themselves alone in court, lacking even a basic understanding of their rights and legal procedure. This can result in overly severe charges, one-sided trials, and weak convictions. On top of this, conditions in Zambian prisons are extremely challenging—and for vulnerable children, even more so. 


Through our case work, we organise volunteer lawyers to represent such children in bail proceedings, at trial and confirmation to defend their rights, ensure that legal procedures are followed, and start them on a path to a restored future.

We offer

  • Free legal representation for children
  • Free legal advice
  • Legal education and;
  • Legal information
  • Strategic litigation

We facilitate

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Diversion and Non-Custodial Sentences